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Ann J. Morton
My life's journey so far!!!!!

  16 july 2016
Songs recorded by Hank Thompson, Charley Pride, Crystal Gayle, The Spinners, Gene Watson, Linda Davis, Bill White, Bill Fredrick. Diana Trask, Ferlin Huskey, Johnny Duncan, Dick Curless, Red Sovine, Jim Mundy .I am Very thankful to be an award winning singer/songwriter. 
My brother is Jim Mundy award singer/song writer and had a # 1 Billboard song "Yesterday once more" by Moe Bandy with many top hits himself. I also have a brother Bill Fredrick that was with the group Grey ghost on Mercury Records. BIll is on Prairie Dust records, and is on "Joyce's Top 200 charts" Bill Is on the road so very much.
Bill was 4 years old when he started singing. Our family had a TV show. Bill did Elvis presley songs, and he could shake those hips just like Elvis. Our family had a TV show. My mother played upright bass, I played piano, Jimmy Mundy was M.C. We also had a radio show at KWHN in Fort Smith, Arkansas. We spent so much time answering fan mail, which we all loved to get and read. Guess You could say I am from a 'musical family.
The Spinners recorded, and had the TV Coca Cola commercial with the song that  I wrote, "Paint the World a Rainbow" (and buy the world a Coke).They did the song for a single.
" Roy Clark and Roni Stoneman of Hee Haw fame for the song "Roy" that I wrote I wanted to mention........ I also want to have an honorary mention of Eddie Rager, who wrote "Minstrel Man" for Willie Nelson and played bass on the road with me, after he left Willie's band. Eddie Rager was one of my co-writers, as well as Dennis W Morgan. (who I co wrote "Unbreakable Hearts" with). Eddie Rager was a great guy and we lost him too soon. He told me some great stories about some of the trips when he was with Willie. I always was a Willie Nelson fan and wrote a song for him "Willie I will"  I was so honored to finally meet Willie Nelson since I had written the award winning song!!! A very great man, and so down to earth. I also Promoted records for Hank Thompson, Marty Robbins, Ricky Nelson, Red Sovine, and John Denver. Johnny Duncan, Diana Trask, John Wesley Ryles, Judds, Many others.
The great Linda Davis,  recorded one of my favorite songs "Me and My Crazy heart" It has not been released as yet. That same song was also recorded by Toni Price. of (Austin, TX.  fame) We lost our  Liz Anderson, who was a great singer,songwriter and my best friend, along with her husband Casey. They wrote many hits for Merle Haggard, and their daughter,My Lovely friend who we also lost the GREAT  Lynn Anderson.   Hargus (Pig) Robbins also recorded "Unbreakable Hearts" which is also the album title on Elektra Records. "Pig" has won so many awards. Jill Burke also recorded "Unbreakable hearts" and i that song is still going strong. She is such a great singer, and Friend.
Curly Chalker was the steel player on my very first session in Nashville, when I was just a pup. I started writing when I was about 8 years old and playing piano. The song I wrote when I was 13 years old, "Poor Wilted Rose", won an award for being in the Billboard charts for 11 weeks. I have won several other awards for my songs that were in the Billboard charts for more than 11 weeks.That was the rules for getting an award. My top 40 Billboard hit was "My Empty Arms". I can relate to Willie Nelson's song "On the Road Again". I toured so much, but really was not a traveling Kind. So I went into Record Promotion With ABC-DOT Records Jim Foglesong was president, and told me that I should start doing promotion to Radio Stations. I took JIm's advice.. I really loved talking and writing to all the DJ'S. Later I started Ann J Morton Record Promotions. and I am still doing special Promotion
I have known so many great folks, and pickers and grinners, that have been in my life. I am still writing and recording, I do a show every once in a while. I want to thank each and everyone that has passed through my life, and helped me with my journey. I appreciate everyone. Radio and Country Music has been my Life!!!!.......... and it still is. Thanks Joyce Ramgatie for keeping us indie folks still singing, and for your great "Top 40 and Top 200 Country charts" We love you!!!!!!! Thanks for everything!!!

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